Economic Independence

The Narayani Peedam is consistently involved in collaborative efforts with civic leaders, elected and government officials, business leaders and those responsible for health, education and welfare in the regions. The continuous construction and growth of the Peedam community has provided the regional labor force with a wealth of opportunities for training and jobs. Ultimately, Sri Sakthi Amma’s goal is to empower people so that they can one day take care of themselves and their families.

New Lease on Life (Punarjanma)

IMG_6128Sri Sakthi Amma has taken a special interest in helping the families of people who have committed crimes and are now in prison.  Family members suffer from embarrassment for a prolonged period of time and shy away from normal life.  Often they slip into a state of poverty, in some cases they may leave the town they grew up in, or even take an extreme step to end their lives.  Amma’s project aims at bringing the family members back into the normal stream of life.

Sri Sakthi Amma’s project is a major social welfare program meant to rehabilitate the families of prisoners. Its purpose is to provide the family members with some basic skill sets that will enable them to fend for themselves when the earning member ends up in prison.

Sewing machines are donated and classes are arranged so that the wife can now take on the role of being the breadwinner in the family.  Cows are donated to some families to start a new career in the milk supply chain.  Children are provided with education; vocational training and even marriages have been arranged.  The main goal of this program is for people to carve out a new and decent livelihood.