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Heart Surgery Program Saves Children's Lives

There are over 180 Indian children, alive and well today, because Sri Sakthi Amma’s devotees all over the world chose to support this program and provide needy children suffering from congenital heart defects with necessary corrective surgeries.

This is an ongoing program with a goal of 300 completed surgeries.  Over 50,000 children die each year in India because they have no way to receive life-saving surgery.  Each surgery costs approximately US $3,000, however donations of any amount can help save a child’s life and are greatly valued.

Emergency Relief for Sri Lankan Refugees

In response to the crisis in Sri Lanka and under the guidance of Sri Sakthi Amma, Divine Love World Charity donors provided Sri Lankan refugees with life-saving medical supplies, food, clothing and other basic necessities of life.

In addition, the Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Center partnered with Direct Relief International (DRI), a U.S. based charitable organization that obtains medical equipment and supplies for use in disadvantaged countries.  DRI Deputy Director and Amma devotee, Matt Mac Calla, coordinated two shipments of medicine and medical supplies with a wholesale value of US$240,000.

The need for the supplies was so urgent and overwhelming that the second shipment was sent by air, made possible by donors to Divine Love World Charity.  Sri Sakthi Amma personally visited the refugees, distributed the goods, and provided solace and divine blessings to the people.

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