“If you dedicate yourself to the world, you will be given the energy and the strength to do great things. The ability to do great things in this world comes from the heart”
-Sri Sakthi Amma
“If you think you can make a small change in yourself, do it. It will change the world.”
-Sri Sakthi Amma
“You cannot experience unconditional love without sharing and helping others.”
-Sri Sakthi Amma
“The Divine is like the ocean. The soul within each person and in every creation is like a drop of water from that ocean.”
-Sri Sakthi Amma


Thank you for visiting Divine Love World Charity, Inc.

Amma_abeshakemDivine Love World Charity, Inc. was started for the benefit and support of the humanitarian and charitable programs of Sri Sakthi Amma.  The donors of Divine Love World Charity, Inc.  have been directly involved in all of the programs and building projects shown on this site.

Examples of areas in which people are helped by Amma’s programs are as follows:

  • Feeding the hungry
  • Free or below cost medical care for children and adults
  • Educational opportunities from nursery school to higher education
  • Orphanages
  • Outreach medical camps for neighboring and impoverished villages
  • Assistive devices such as hearing aids, glasses, and prostheses
  • Empowerment programs providing sewing machines for women who are the sole support of their children and cows for needy families
  • Spiritual enrichment
  • Environmental programs
  • Emergency relief for various crises’, and so much more.

Please explore our website for further details.


Here are some of the initiatives at a glance

Sri Sakthi Amma has created important initiatives in education, healthcare and medical research, the environment and waste management, women’s empowerment and feeding the hungry.

  • Feeding the Hungry

    A free South Indian meal is served on a banana leaf to all temple visitors and staff members on a daily basis. On average, between 8000 to 10 000 guests are fed each day.

  • Green Sakthi Tree Donation Program

    Donates over 100 000 saplings every year to local schools, hospitals, colleges, orphanages, government departments and organisations that wish to plant trees in their vicinity.


    Sakthi Amma Women’s Empowerment Programs empower women in difficult family circumstances with the opportunity of stable employment.

  • Arogya Health Program

    Established in 2001, by donating basic equipment to differently- abled adults as well as children. Supplies include wheelchairs, tricycles, prosthetics, crutches, artificial limbs, hearing aids and eye-glasses.


    Zero Waste Management Program received the Green Temple award in 2010 for adopting the best environment-friendly procedures.

  • Gift of Life Program

    Provides much-needed heart surgeries for children each year, including the accompanying medical care, all at zero cost.


Sri Sakthi Amma embraces all religions and spiritual paths, yet very clearly endorses the path of bhakti (devotion) and seva (selfless service) for humankind. Sri Sakthi Amma blesses visitors with many possibilities to witness and participate in seva at Peedam. Seva not only benefits the recipients, but graces the giver with the experience of joy. It is an opportunity to focus on the well-being of others and give without expectation of result or reward. This is the fundamental teaching of the Bhagavad Gita.


Sri Sakthi Amma has initiated various education programs that provide local children with life- changing opportunities for their future Amma believes in the importance of education, moral values and spiritual transformation

Public Healthcare

Sri Sakthi Amma’s first move into the field of public healthcare started with a mobile clinic in 2001

Environmental Programs

Sri Sakthi Amma’s environmental programs are borne out of Amma’s great love for nature

Empowerment Programs

Sri Sakthi Amma empowers women and families in distress

Children’s Programs

Six different government orphanages are provided with food, clothing, textbooks and housing

Food Programs

All temple visitors to Peedam are provided with a free South Indian Meal